Sheet Music  is a great resource for finding the sheet music for popular songs – check it out!  You can download the music in any suitable key for usually less than $A5.  There are other sites, such as sheetmusicplus and sheetmusicdirect

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Real World Remixed | Home

Real World Remixed | Home.

Have a look at this site – sign up and see what you can do with the “sample packs” from the label and experienced artist Peter Gabriel.

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New “Music and Technology” blog

Music and Technology blogI’m in the process of creating a blog called “Music and Technology” for my Year 10 students. I will put a link on this page when it’s published because there may well be some relevant links / ideas for this class there too, particularly if you are interested in the topic “Technology and its Influence” for your HSC.

There is SOOOO much information and new ideas out there regarding the use of technology in music; too many for me to even contemplate, let alone list or link to on this blog. Of course when I get some time I plan to add some links for you to at least give you a place to start. In the meantime – get out there and do some searches for yourself!!

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Site Navigation

To my students – I have updated the “Assessment” page and would like you to begin to access online support for our class on a regular basis. Use the links in the header (above!) to navigate through the pages of this site… more to come!

Please give me feedback on this resource if you think it will be useful to you, or let me know if you’d prefer to use the regular site (moodle) associated with the school.

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Help accessing pages

Some pages on this site require password access to them. This password is given in class – please remember it!

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This WordPress blog has been created with the intention of making my class resources available to my students, and to facilitate a broader experience than what can be achieved within the confines of the classroom.

It is still very much a site under construction as I evaluate it’s potential for our needs.

London Symphony OrchestraTo begin with, take a look at the following performance by the London Symphony Orchestra.  I’ve just subscribed to their YouTube channel.  They do an energetic version (is there any other kind?!) of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet – watch it here! 

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